Janne Saksala


Berliner Philharmoniker



"Actually, I didn't want to become an orchestra musician. But for a double bass player, the repertoire is very small if you don't play in an orchestra. You don't come into contact with the great composers. That's not enough in the long run. And now I'm quite happy as an orchestra musician".

A youth orchestra was missing a double bass and the teacher asked Janne Saksala, who already played piano and electric bass, if he wanted to try this instrument. He immediately agreed with great enthusiasm. In 1981 he began studying the double bass at the music school in his hometown Helsinki, which he continued from 1986 in Berlin at the University of the Arts.
Janne Saksala is not only a passionate orchestra musician, but also a sought-after soloist, chamber musician and lecturer at well-known music institutes: For example, he gives an annual master class at the Carl-Flesch-Akademie Baden-Baden and has been teaching as a guest professor at the University of Baden-Baden for several years Music "Hanns Eisler" Berlin. He has worked regularly with contemporary composers and premiered numerous new works. Janne Saksala was also a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Jazz Group, founded in the summer of 1999, until 2006. He likes to spend his free time reading, cooking or playing the guitar.